Why Travel Therapy?

About Rehab Therapy Travel Assignments

Travel physical therapists, travel occupational therapists, and travel speech-language pathologists are typically in high demand throughout most of the country. When a healthcare facility cannot find staffing, due to local shortages or if they have a temporary staffing need due to an unforeseen absence (e.g. maternity leave), they may opt to hire a traveling therapist for a short-term assignment. Rehab therapy travel jobs are available in just about all states and regions of the U.S. Travel therapy assignments vary in length, but are typically thirteen weeks in duration. If both the facility and traveler are in agreement, assignments can be extended up to one year for any single geographic region.

As your travel therapy agency, our job is to find the assignment that meets your needs in terms of start date, location, and clinical requirements. Therapeutic Resources has hundreds of contracts with medical facilities throughout the nation, and as a result we receive many new travel therapy jobs on a daily basis. In addition, as a PT founded company, all of our recruiters are trained on clinical requirements and settings, and work diligently to place you in a job that is best suited for your experience.

When you express interest in a job opening, the recruiter will submit your profile to the facility for consideration. Typically, a professional license in the state of the assignment is required to apply for an opening. However, if the assignment is in California or a hard-to-staff area, the clinic may be willing to wait for licensure approval. There is no commitment on a candidate’s part when submitting for a job. Typically, a phone interview will be conducted between the Director of Rehab and the prospective traveler. If the match is good, an offer will be given, a contract established, and employment with Therapeutic Resources will begin.

Want to travel throughout the United States, make new friends, and earn a generous income, all at little to no expense? Then travel therapy may be for you. Apply today, and Therapeutic Resources will help you achieve your goal.