Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials for Therapeutic Resources

We work hard to earn the approval of our clients and healthcare professionals in the field. Please see some of our favorite reviews and testimonials below.

“Therapeutic Resources has been an awesome assist in meeting our staffing needs. Your staff have always been reliable and your response to our requests timely and professional.”

Paula K, Rehab Manager – CA County Hospital

“I worked multiple consecutive assignments with Therapeutic Resources and I was very pleased with the assistance I received before, during and the transition to the next one. The staff is always friendly and aided me in achieving my personal and professional goals for each travel assignment.”

Beth W, PT

“Thanks so much! I really appreciate all the work you put into getting me to San Diego! I’ve had a great experience with Therapeutic Resources and would highly recommend it to anyone considering travel therapy.”

Leanna L, OT

“If things change in the future and we find ourselves in a place where I would consider taking a traveling position again I will definitely let you guys know. I enjoyed working with you and was very pleased with my experience.”

Shanda S, OT

“Therapeutic Resources is just what I was looking for in a travel company. They are responsive, professional, and I feel like they always have my best interest at heart. In addition, because Jann is a PT she understands my clinical concerns and questions and can speak my language. I can’t recommend Therapeutic Resources enough…you won’t be sorry.”

Rosalee T, SLP

“Working for Therapeutic Resources has been a great experience. I get personalized information from a knowledgeable therapist, not just a recruiter. I feel like I can always reach Jann when I need to, and feel she is working in my corner. I would highly recommend working for Therapeutic Resources.”

Dianne M, PT

“Therapeutic Resources is a company that offers support and Jann, the owner, is a PT herself. I have found Jann to be extremely helpful and caring and one of the nicest people I have dealt with in the Rehab industry. I can guarantee she will help you out as soon as she gets word that you need it. That kind of personal touch is rare among travel companies today”

Karen W, COTA

“Jann was awesome in doing the extra leg work to find me just the job I wanted in just the town that I wanted to work. Other companies claimed to make the necessary effort to find me the right job, but Jann actually did. Thanks Jann.”

Wendy P, PT

“Therapeutic Resources has the perfect balance of professionalism and personal touch that all travel companies should strive to achieve. Therapeutic Resources has met or exceeded ALL of my expectations. I would recommend them to both first time and experienced travelers alike. Thank you Therapeutic Resources.”

Steven R, PTA

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work for you. You and your staff have been great to work with and despite our physical distance everyone is always very accessible and helpful. Thank you for everything and I will recommend you and your company to anyone looking for work.”

Jaime O, PT