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Applying for a rehab travel, local per diem or permanent job is simple. Provide us with as much information listed below as possible. This enables our recruiters to match you with numerous rehab jobs in our database. If you do not have the information on-hand, please provide what you can as all fields are optional. All uploaded information will be kept confidential and you will only be submitted to the jobs you approve. As soon as we receive your information, a recruiter will contact you to confirm your application.

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Skills Checklist

Therapeutic Resources, Inc

Therapeutic Resources, Inc.

Directions: By completing this checklist to the best of your ability, you will help us match your skills and areas of interest with our available assignments. Please place a check in the column that most accurately describes your level of experience with each skill.

A= No Training or Experience
B= Classroom training only, never performed
C= Some Experience, need review and supervision
D= Performs proficiently and independently

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Skills Checklist under development. A recruiter will be in touch with you soon and thank you for your patience.

I agree to have Therapeutic Resources represent me as my travel company for this job.

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